Technical Education and Training/Vocational Training in Australia

Australia’s vocational technical education and training (VET) sector is based on a partnership between governments and industry. Qualifications (VET) are awarded by government institutions called TAFE higher and technical education institutions and also by private institutions the Australian government at the Federal and State levels provide funding develop policies and contribute to the regulation and assurance of educational quality.

It is your day with experts, in Australia the professionals (VET) have real experience in their real experimentation and in their fields of specialization, maintaining their knowledge
updating and modifying their courses to reflect the changing focus and needs of the industry since you will not only learn the theory, but also the reality of the topics you are studying.

Learn on the job Many of our VET courses incorporate a period of field learning, so you won’t just learn in a classroom setting, but you’ll gain valuable experience in a genuine work environment.

Our quality guarantee, in Australia the quality of your education is guaranteed, with up-to-date and accurate information. They are protected under the Educational Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act of 2000, a National regulatory body for the VET sector, the Australian Quality Authority.

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